Homag Beam Saw

On Monday 8th August we took delivery of our latest piece of machinery in the form of a new Homag Holzma HPP 300 Beam Saw.

The team from Spectrum Freight unloaded and had the main body of the machine in situ within an hour and the ancillary parts were unloaded approximately 30 minutes later.

Miraculously the new beam saw was fully operational after 48 hours and the machine shop were fully trained to use the new machine within the week thanks to the help of the brilliant fitter sent by Homag.

Our new Holzma HPP 300 is capable of cutting panels at over twice the speed of our outgoing machine and is accurate to within a miniscule 0.1mm.

The system is also considerably more eco-friendly as it has been designed to reduce energy consumption and extend saw blade life.

For more information on Homag machines visit: www.homag-uk.co.uk

The new machine is now fully operational and fulfilling screen and top orders at a considerable rate.

To book a factory visit and see the Homag beam saw in action email us at: sales@screentek.co.uk

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